His Truth Will Set You Free

Listen to what Jesus says; “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

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The Spirit Speaks – Is the World Falling Apart?

Travel alerts

Terrorist violence. International travel alerts. Brussels shut down. Less violent, yet still alarming: no more room for individual beliefs and discussion on US college campuses; rational discussion being replaced with shouting matches.

Does it seem like the world is falling apart? What’s going on? Why is this all happening? I, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, have the answers, but they won’t make you feel any better.

There is one answer for all such questions: its natural human pride that is ripping the world apart. Pride and self-centeredness are unwilling to accept others as they are. Pride fuels jihadist hate, and drives them to kill anyone who is different from them. Pride is unwilling to accept that others have a right to different beliefs and opinions, without having an argument about it.

See, I told you the answers wouldn’t make you feel better. If the truth of the pride that plagues humanity has you feeling uneasy or irritated, please try to avoid the trap of criticizing or condemning others who suffer from pride-fueled behavior. For that critical fruit comes from the same thorny plant as their violent or self-centered acts.

Instead, look to me, the Holy Spirit who shares your life with you. Escape from the turmoil of the shattered world for a time, and be with me, just me. And I will guide your heart and mind. Please, humbly accept that I, the very Spirit of God, know better how to respond than you do.

Yes, the cure for the plague of pride is humility. For humility is the fuel of true love.


Alone… but Not Alone

jumbo jet

I was on my way to the Philippines for work. Eleven hours trapped in this middle seat in coach – at least I’m in an exit row. But this guy next to me smells – different bathing practices than me. Strolling the aisle – plane full of faces, but no one familiar.

Finally arriving in Tokyo – three-hour layover, and gratefully able to stretch my achy legs. Wandering through the airport full of other travelers. Sure would be fun to see someone I know, but no luck.

Next plane and five more hours to Manila. Plane packed full, but at least I have an aisle seat. Still no familiar faces.

Manila airport; I’m all alone in a sea of people.

But I’m never truly alone. Sitting next to my stinky neighbor, the Holy Spirit is with me. Walking through Tokyo airport, the Holy Spirit is with me. The entire trip, the Holy Spirit is within me. Whenever I feel alone, I look to the Spirit of Jesus within me. And He’s always here. I’m never alone. And I’m so grateful.