His Truth Will Set You Free

Listen to what Jesus says; “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

About This Site


Oh no, He’s already here! Yet contrary to what you might have heard from some Christian churches, God isn’t here to discipline us; He’s here to live with us. And, the solution to all of life’s problems is a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit of God. The primary purpose of this website and all my writing is to help people find their own relationship with the Spirit of God and Jesus, living within them.

And how might living with the Spirit of Jesus affect your experience of life? Well, what are you hungry for? How about…

  • More purpose and meaning for your life;
  • Truth… about life, and about this thing called Christianity;
  • Freedom from stress and the shackles of worldly and material burdens;
  • Solid, unbreakable peace;
  • A more personal, intimate, and real-feeling relationship with Jesus;
  • Healing for broken relationships with friends and family;
  • Real forgiveness;
  • True love.

My hope for this website is that it will help you find what you crave, by encouraging you with such things as…

  • The truth. The Spirit of Jesus is the best source of His truth. Therefore, I encourage people to not blindly follow a church, or church leader, or especially me. Instead, follow Jesus.
  • True Christianity is all about a relationship, not rules.
  • A relationship with the Spirit of Jesus is more important than a relationship with a church.
  • When you feel the presence of Jesus within, you will be filled with His love… true, unconditional, and ever-present love.
  • The true church of Jesus Christ is not a man-made organization. The one true Church is the dwelling in which the Spirit of Jesus lives. The true church can be you.
  • Yet conventional churches should not be shunned. They should be loved, and cared for. Some churches are failing and falling apart. Yet the Holy Spirit can heal those hurting churches, and through those people in which He lives.
  • But if a structured church is not the answer for you, Jesus definitely is. Your relationship with Jesus is where you will truly find what you crave.

Look, the world is screwed up. Un-fixable? Maybe. But what if you could fix just your little corner of the world? Through a relationship with Jesus, you can.

A thought about Truth:

For truth to be real, it must come from outside humanity. That’s because within humanity, there is no one unchanging idea. Yet a truth, to be real truth, must be unchanging. There are truths of nature and laws of physics – these come from outside humanity and do not change. All other truths that apply to humanity must come from God. God is the only source of truth.